March 13, 2013

To the Editor;

There is an easy way out of our depression, or some say economic crises. This program will pay our debts, fill up the Social Security and Medicare Funds. This program will blunt the Chinese threat. Elect persons who will enact these ten (10) laws.

1.) Levy tariffs (taxes) on imported goods manufactured by children, and $4.00 an hour or less, workers.

2.) Levy tax on all moneys made in U.S. but moved out of the U.S.

3.) Levy special tax on the value of all items manufactured in U.S. owned by foreigners.

4.) Cancel all subsidies (gifts) to world wide companies (global) operating in the U.S.

5.) Annex Mexico, divide it into five U.S. states.

6.) No wars unless specifically approved by a 70% vote in Congress.

7.) Form a government oil corporation like the Post Offices, or Federal Housing Administration to drill U.S. owned wells on all U.S. owned minerals. Dedicate all profits to pay debt. Creates competition to compete against global oil monopoly prices.

8.) Audit the actual production and honest oil royalty payments to the U.S. treasury

on oil produced in the U.S.

9.) Stop the sell of oil to foreign countries that is produced on U.S. land or piped over U.S. land.

10.) Raise minimum wage to $20.00 an hour close tax loop holes for wealthy. Full time worker paid at least $40,000.00 per year instead of $18,000.00.

Income tax rate to remain the same as now.


Colonel George Day

JAG (retired)

2401 Good Shepherd Dr.

Brownwood, TX 76801