At the end of last year, the Brownwood City Council had approved of Kimley-Horn and Associates for the architectural and engineering services to design the Camp Bowie Soccer Complex.

Since the City of Brownwood parks and recreation department has been diligently working with the architect from Kimley-Horn and local soccer associations to ensure that the new complex will be perfect.

“We’ve met with the two soccer associations (CenTex and soccer for fun) in the beginning of Feb. as well as with the Parks and recreation and gathered what they would like to see,” said David Withers, parks and recreation director.

After hearing about a highly regarded sports complex in Cleburne, a group travelled there and visited the facility to see what they liked about the complex and what didn’t work, Withers said. This will give them the opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t work and hopefully save a little money on reconstruction.

They then met with the architect and gave him preliminary drawings of the complex and an idea of what exactly they needed and wanted to see in the soccer complex. The architect is now in the process of formulating the final draft plans for the soccer complex and those should be completed within the next month and half. The plans will then be reviewed and altered if need be.

“Certainly right now, the architect is drawing up the plans and estimated costs. We will then see if we have enough money or if we to rethink some things,” said Withers.

The budget for the soccer complex is $2.2 million and Kimley-Horn fees for its services will total $76,500. The funding is available from the sale of certificates of obligation.

In the mean-time, the deconstruction of the old Camp Bowie baseball field where the new complex will be located is key.

“We wanted to get it cleared out so there won’t be a lot of clean up when we get ready to construct the complex,” said Withers.

They have removed the chain link fence, the building, back stops and light fixtures. City crews will be removing the light poles within the next week.

A complication with the complex is the lack of water and ability to water the grass. The drought and water restrictions make it difficult to grow grass at this time. Withers said they would give it time for the water concern to pass. They want and need ample enough water to water the grass and keep it alive while respecting the citizens of Brown County.

The complex will include 15 soccer fields, two practice fields, a playground, lighting for three fields, sidewalks, bleacher pads restrooms, concessions areas and parking.