Upon approaching the Brownwood Art Association’s Art Center on Saturday, visitors were greeted with local Bangs artist, Tommy Munster’s art before even entering the building. There on the windows of the building, displayed some of Munster’s well know monsters.

Munster’s “This Art Show Has Cupcakes” art exhibit was from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. which displayed over 20 original drawings and paintings as well as a few miscellaneous items he has painted.

His art often goes beyond the canvas and utilizes several mediums including regular household items like paint cans and mail shipping boxes.

He described his art last month during the Stars of Texas Juried Art exhibit where he was a demonstrator as “ Kawii with a little bit of barf and a tiny pinch of urban.”

Muster is a self-taught artist who has been creating since 1982. He was inspired by the strange disappearance of his cupcakes by an unknown monster. His art has appeared in shows locally, in San Antonio and far beyond.

His art often makes the viewer smile, but inspires them to fear for the safety of their much loved cupcakes.

Also on display were a few pieces from some of his friends, like San Antonio artist, Aesop Cardenas and local artist, R.J. Barnett.

Munster has been working to enhance the art scene with several unique and different themed shows. He and fellow local artist, Ashley McLaughlin hosted an art show last year at the Apollo Coffee House, giving other artists a chance to show their artistic talents.

The first fifteen in attendance Saturday evening won an original drawing by Munster and all who came to the exhibit were given free cupcakes and punch created by pastry chef and friend of Munster, Gabbie Saucedo of Chicago, Il.