A Brownwood man is jailed on an allegation that he sexually assaulted a wheelchair-bound female resident of a local nursing home while he was employed there as a certified nursing aide.

Brownwood police arrested Christopher Cantrell, 45, Friday on a warrant for sexual assault, jail records state. Cantrell's bond was set at $50,000.

The woman told police she had not reported multiple incidents of alleged sexual assault because the suspect was well liked at the nursing home and she didn't think anyone would believe her, a police report states. But after an alleged assault in July 2012, the woman secretly preserved a napkin that contained evidence and turned it over to police.

The suspect initially denied any "sexually inappropriate behavior," but after confronted with DNA evidence, said the woman had initiated sexual contact with him, according to an affidavit filed by Brownwood police detective Trey Weathermon in Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Bob Beadel's court.

According to Weathermon's affidavit and a report by patrolman Brandon Miller, which is partially contained in the affidavit:

Miller met with the woman on July 29, 2012. The woman required assistance from nursing home staff in bathing, mobility and other quality-of-life activities. The woman told Miller of several alleged sexual assaults in various places including the shower, weight room and the woman's bedroom.

The woman appeared frightened and reluctant to speak with Miller, saying "everyone loved" the suspect at the nursing home. The woman told Miller she thought the staff would think she was just upset at having had to change rooms.

Weathermon spoke with the suspect on Aug. 6. The suspect said he viewed the woman as a grandmother and denied any sexual interaction between the two. The suspect agreed to provide a DNA sample, which, with the napkin preserved by the woman, was sent to the Texas Department of Public Safety crime lab in Austin. DNA on the napkin is consistent with the suspect's DNA, a crime lab report to police stated.

Weathermon spoke with the suspect again on March 13 and asked him how it was possible that the DNA samples could match. The suspect began to shake his head and said "she instigated it," Weathermon's affidavit states.

The suspect said the woman had asked him if he was attracted to older women and that she initiated sexual contact. The suspect said he was too embarrassed when it happened to tell the nursing home administration.

Weathermon noted in his affidavit that the woman was emotionally distraught and fearful people would not believe her, and that behavior is "typical and common" for many sexual assault victims.

The suspect was suspended from the nursing home pending the outcome of the investigation, Weathermon's affidavit states.