The 49th annual Rattlesnake Round Up concluded on Sunday and, even without the star of the show, those in attendance were treated to a wonderful show and death-defying stunts.

“Texas Snakeman” Jackie Bibby was slated to perform some of his own snake stunts on Saturday and Sunday at the Round Up, but was rushed to Brownwood Regional Medical Center by his father Friday afternoon suffering from an apparent snake bite to his abdomen.

Upon arrival, he was listed as a critical care patient and over the next two days administered numerous rounds of anti-venom to counteract the poisonous snake bite, known for rotting away skin tissue in its wake.

Sunday, Bibby told a group of visitors his goal was to be out of the hospital within a week, said Brownwood Jaycee member and friend, Patrick McLaughlin.

Over the weekend, there was much speculation and questions over how the bite occurred and the severity of the injury as Bibby had still been recovering from his previous bites, one which resulted in the loss of his right leg.

Though the bite was severe, it wasn’t the worst Bibby has ever incurred. He recalled the events to McLaughlin and other visitors while that sat and visited with him for around 45 minutes on Sunday.

He said he had been preparing for the Round Up by gathering the snakes and placing them into a holding pit. He was carrying one snake at what he believed was a safe distance, but had underestimated the snakes range. The rattlesnake struck Bibby, but only a single fang penetrated the skin, making the bite slightly less powerful, in his stomach.

“It was a bad bite, but not one of his worst,” said McLaughlin.

The swelling, since Friday, has gone down significantly and as of Sunday, they were administering anti-venom as a safety precaution.

“He’s doing really well,” said McLaughlin, “he was joking with us and saying he was going to quit and had had the last of it. I was confused by that and said ‘What do you mean you are going to quit?’ and he said, ‘I’m going to quit getting bit. That’s the last time.’”

Bibby is know throughout the World for his death-defying snake stunts. He holds several world records including two of his stage tricks of holding 13 snakes by the tail with his mouth and most rattlesnakes in a sleeping bag. Bibby is also the star of Animal Planet’s “Rattlesnake Republic,” and has traveled all over the world entertaining millions with his stunts with the venomous snakes.