Walking into the new facility, Melba Barger knew Liz Looby would be proud of the progress made by the Heart of Texas Christian Women’s Job Corps. Barger was just one of the many visitors during Tuesday’s open house.

“I’ve just watched the progress over the years, and this is just unbelievable,” Barger said. “Liz would be proud of the progress they [Heart of Texas Christian Women’s Job Corps] have made. They’ve been blessed.”

Looby along with Bettie Evans founded the Heart of Texas Christian Women’s Job Corps in 2004. Looby died on April 9, 2009.

“This was her [Liz Looby] baby,” said Patricia Boland, one of the site coordinators for the Christian Women’s Job Corps. “She would of really been pleased to see us [Christian Women’s Job Corps] now.”

The Heart of Texas Christian Women’s Job Corps is funded by donations and operated by volunteers. With the move to the new facility, donation opportunities have increased.

“We are currently looking for individuals who would like to adopt our rooms,” Boland said. “By adopting a room, they will help us decorate the room.”

The Heart of Texas Christian Women’s Job Corps has five rooms available for adoption, including the kitchen area, fireplace, bathroom, clothing room and living room. Besides decorations, volunteers are also accepting donations of kitchen appliances, bookshelves, dinning room items, paper goods, gift cards, office supplies, cleaning supplies and lawn equipment. The clothing room itself is always in need of dress slips, panty hose, work appropriate attire, shoes and any other items needed to wear for a job interview or work.

“We do everything ourselves, which doesn’t mean things don’t cost us,” Boland said. “We appreciate anyone who comes our way to help us. We accept funds for child care expenses, along with any other donations someone wants to give us.”

Since its creation, more than 100 Brown County women have graduated from the Heart of Texas Christian Women’s Job Corps program, which focuses on teaching women who don’t have access or can’t afford the classes, to get them into the workforce. The program offers two sessions a year with a maximum of 12 students per session.

For more information about the Christian Women’s Job Corps, contact Boland at (325) 643-1788 or stop by 2410 Coggin Ave.