Howard Payne University alumni, Brandon Allen Powell's no-budget feature film, “Trial by Self,” has been accepted to the St Tropez International Film Festival in the south of France (Nice). The festival chose only 50-60 of the best films (including features, shorts and documentaries) out of the thousands that were submitted to them. This is the fourth festival to accept the film and they have decided to honor the film further by nominating “Trial by Self” for no less than seven of their distinguished awards. The categories that the film has been nominated in are as follows:

Best Film of the Festival

(There are only five films nominated in this category out of over 55 films. This category includes feature films, shorts and documentaries. It is the festival’s most distinguished award.)

Best Feature Film

(This category includes only the best feature films that were accepted to the festival.)

Best Lead Actor (James Byron Houser)

Best Lead Actress (Cat Angle)

Best Supporting Actress (Jessica Guess)

Best Cinematography (Brandon Allen Powell)

Best Editing (Brandon Allen Powell)

(Only a few are nominated in each of these categories from a pool of all of the films accepted to the festival. These categories include features, shorts, and documentaries.)

Powell’s film has experienced other success as well. It won the “Best Actor in a Female Role” award at the Sunset International Film Festival - Los Angeles (for Cisco resident, Amanda Branham's performance) and was nominated for four awards at the World Music and Independent Film Festival in Washington DC. These awards include Best Direction on a Feature Film (Brandon Allen Powell), Best Screenplay for a Feature Film (Brandon Allen Powell), Best Actor in a Feature Film (James Byron Houser), and Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film (Amanda Branham). The film was also accepted into the Gen Con Indy Film Festival –Indianapolis.

The St Tropez International Film Festival will be held in May. In the meantime, Powell has been submitting to different distributors.

Powell graduated from Brownwood High School and attended Howard Payne University. His mother, Kathleen Hagood is an English professor at HPU.