EARLY Police Chief David Mercer will present one of his officers with a departmental Medal of Valor at Tuesday night's city council meeting for the officer's actions at the July 29 shooting at the Peach House RV Park that left three dead.

Mercer will present the medal to Sgt. Steven Means, who with a civilian exchanged gunfire with Charles Conner. Conner, a resident of the RV park, shot and killed two other residents before representatives of multiple law enforcement agencies arrived. Conner died in the exchange of gunfire.

Means was the first officer to arrive at the RV park, followed closely by a sheriff's deputy.

"We're giving it to Steven for his actions to stop the killing rampage," Mercer said. "He performed in textbook fashion. He did it the right way."

Also Tuesday, new police officers Sterlin Zwicker and Andres Contreras will take the Oath of Office and the Law Enforcement Oath of Honor.

The council meets a 6 p.m.

The full agenda follows:

1. Call to order and invocation.

2. Pledge of Allegiance.

3. Consideration of the minutes of Feb. 12, 2013.

4. Citizens comments.

5. Administer Oath of Office and Law Enforcement Oath to new police officers Sterlin Zwicker and Andres Contreras.

6. Presentation of Medal of Valor to Sgt. Steven Means.

7. Chief of Police David Mercer will give report on racial profiling.

8. Consider a resolution entering finance contract with Government Capital Corp. for purpose of procurring CopSync hardware and software..

9. Consider appointing Early EDC board member to fill vacancy after Geneva Millhollon's resignation.

10. Consider appriving Early Economic Development funding request of $30,000 to Big G Grocery.

11. Consideration of local church groups utilizing City Park on May 19, 2013 for Celebrating the Community program.

12. Review and consider for approval the City of Early Investment Policy and Strategy as adopted by Ordinance 2005-21 Dec. 13, 2005..

13. Consider adoptin g an ordinance cancelling the General Election for May 11, 2013 and declaring the unopoosed candidates elected.

14. Administrator's report - water pipeline project.

15. Adjourn