Brownwood council may OK purchase of Red Cross building

Brownwood City Council members will consider taking action Tuesday related to plans to build a new central fire station at the location of the American Red Cross building at 600 E. Adams.

Council members will consider authorizing the city to buy the building for its appraised value of $76,600, with funds coming from the certificates of obligation fire station fund. City crews will demolish the building.

Council members will also consider approving the termination of the 50-year lease the city and Red Cross entered in 1980. The Red Cross has paid the city $1 a year for the lease and the Red Cross paid for the construction of the building.

The city has been working with the Red Cross on relocation options.

In another items related to a new central fire station, council members will consider closing and abandoning one block of East Chandler between Greenleaf and Congress streets. The fire station will extend east across that portion of East Chandler.

The council meets at 9 a.m. at City Hall. The entire agenda follows:

1. Call to order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Invocation

4. Items to be withdrawn

5. Introduction, announcements and recognitions

6. Proclamations

A. Social Work Month.

7. Citizen presentations

Any citizen who desires to address the city council on a matter not included on the agenda may do so at this time. The city council may not deliberate on items presented under this agenda item. To comply with provisions of the Open Meetings Act, the council respectfully requests that prior to addressing council that each person submit a citizen presentation form that is located at the entryway to the council chambers, stating your name, address, and topic of presentation. All presentations are subject to a five minute time limit.

8. Approval of minutes regular called meeting March 12, 2013.

9. Claims and accounts.

10. Public hearing

Conduct a public hearing on each of the proposed following ordinances and consider each ordinance on first reading:

A. Consider an ordinance on first reading closing and abandoning East Chandler Street between Greenleaf and Congress.

11. Requests and presentations

A. Consider approval of the action taken by the BEDC Board of Directors for an infrastructure and equipment incentive to VRC Technologies for up to $125,000.

B. Consider approving the termination of lease and bill of sale agreement for the purchase of the Red Cross Building.

12. Ordinances and resolutions

A. An ordinance on second and third/final readings changing the zoning classification of 1.0 acre of Robert Malone, Survey 48, Abstract 656, known as 1609 Wood St. from R-1 Single Family Residential District to RR Residential Rural District.

B. A resolution endorsing certain legislative changes to enhance the competitive electric market supported by Texas Coalition for Affordable Power - TCAP.

C. A resolution authorizing the mayor to execute an advanced funding agreement for the Market Place Boulevard extension/Riverside Park Drive project.

D. A resolution authorizing the mayor to execute a municipal maintenance agreement with TxDOT.

E. A resolution authorizing the mayor to execute an interlocal agreement with the Texas Colorado River Floodplain Coalition (TCRFC) and appoint members of the executive and technical committees.

13. Reports

A. Budgetary Control Report.

B. Energy summit.

C. FEMA meeting April 9, 2013.

D. Drought Contingency Plan - Stage 3

14. Adjournment.