There is a panic that occurs when a person cannot breath unlike any other. That vital instinct that has become so familiar to most that they never even think about it — it just comes naturally, but on Saturday during an every day “wienie roast,” Dela Barklay thought she wouldn’t be able to breath again, and her help came from an unlikely source.

Burklay immediately knew she was choking badly and looked to friend, Sandra Watson for aid. Sandra Watson yelled for her grandson Ricky to help her friend.

“I heard a gurgle sounds and knew she was choking,” said 16-year old Ricky Watson.

He had performed the Heimlich Maneuver only once more on a small child who was choking and had learned how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on the fly.

“I just figured it out mostly,” said Ricky Watson.

This time he would be performing the Heimlich on a grown woman, who said she was a larger woman.

“I wrapped my arms around her, under her breast and lift her up twice,” he said. The food had semi-dislodged at this point, and Ricky Watson said he thought she was fine at that point, but shortly afterwards she began choking again. He performed the Heimlich a third time on Barklay and this time it worked.

The food stopped blocking Barklay’s breathing passages, but was still caught in her throat. She tried to vomit in an attempt to remove the food from her throat.

“She was talking so I knew she was out of danger,” said Ricky Watson.

It was in the middle of this that the paramedics arrived on scene and began to work to stabilize Barklay, who would be taken to Brownwood Regional Medical Center for followup care.

“There is no doubt he saved my life,” said Barklay looking back on the experience, “I’m really proud of him.”