The mobile dentist visited the Early Primary school yesterday and will be visiting the Early Elementary School all day today. The mobile dentist program began over a decade ago and provides cost effective on-site dental services to Early students with their parents consent.

Typically when a student has a dental appointment they miss half of a day to a full day of classes, while their parents miss part of a day to a full day of work. The child is then taken to a dental office. The parents and the child wait their turn, which can be a long wait, to visit with the dentist. They then see the dentist and the problem is solved or scheduled to be solved, and, often, by the end of the appointment going back to school is not an option.

With the mobile dentist, the dentist or dental hygienist comes to the studentsí school and is fully equipped to do much of what a family dentist would do. The mobile dentist sets up shop, or in this case their temporary dental office, in a vacant classroom on school grounds and sees the students one by one, only taking them out of classes when needed.

Some of the services that they provide include, but arenít limited to teeth examinations, x-rays, education and cleanings.

The goal of the mobile dentist program is to aid children in the most need or least chance of accessing quality preventive dental care, and to give parents the opportunity to cross one more appointment off their lists.

It is believed that dental tooth decay is one of the most common chronic and infectious diseases in children. Statistically, more that 60 percent of children do not see a dentist annually.