Easter is less than a week away and spring is beginning to come into full bloom, though the colder temperatures the last two days may have called that into question. Usually chickens and rabbits are the first animals associated with Easter, but the Corinne T. Smith Animal Center is asking for local residents to add cats and kittens to that list.

The animal center is giving Brown County residents the chance to celebrate Easter by giving a cat or a kitten a second chance at life and a new forever home. The animal center will be having the “Cats and Kittens not Bunnies or Chicks” event during regular operating hours from March 25 through Easter Sunday, March 31. During this special event, adoption fees on cats and kittens will be reduced to half-price or $45 each.

The center has more than 20 cats in the pet pen area and 6 more in the petting area, plus a several cats in the overflow area of the lost and found holding area.

“Its hard to say the exact number of cats we have,” said Debra Mathis, volunteer at the animal center, “some will be in the lost and found area and the next day they will be up for adoption.”

The animal center has several different breeds of cats and kittens up for adoption including Tabbies, Calicos and Tortious breeds. Many are unrecognizable breeds, and are classified simply as domestic short, medium or long hair felines.

One cat up for adoption is Snickers, a 3-year old tortious breed. She was one of the six cats in the petting room on Monday and is a real people kind of cat.

“Let someone come into the petting room and she is all over them,” said Mathis.

All cats and kittens are subject to the same two day process as adoption during non-sale days. If they are old enough they must be spayed or neutered and haven’t already been fixed they must undergo the process.

“We still take care of that,” said Mathis.

Cats and kittens that need to be spayed or neutered may be picked up at the veterinary’s office the next day. Any kitten adoptions require the new owners to sign an agreement contract that the kitten will be spayed or neutered.

The animal center is open Monday through Thursday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.