Tuesday evening the Brown County Pregnancy Care Center (PCC) hosted their “Everyone Deserves a Birthday”vegetable banquet. The banquet began at 7 p.m. and continued until 9:30 p.m.

The program began with the serving of the food followed by Pastor Rick Stone blessing the dinner. Terri Medlock, PCC executive director, introduced members of the board both past and present and then an audio recording of a few of the PCC’s clients was played.

In the recording, former clients detailed the struggles they had endured and how PCC had played a key role in helping them make one of the most difficult decisions of their lives — what to do with an unplanned pregnancy. While the recording played, Carolyn Wood, an artist, was set up on stage and painted, in that short period of time, a masterpiece of two infants embracing.

The PCC is a non-profit, non-governmental funded organization that celebrates life and the beauty of every life. PCC provides various services to the community such as free confidential pregnancy tests, information about sexually transmitted diseases, physician referrals, adoption agency referrals, community service referrals, parenting classes, free diapers, formula and other baby needs monthly, sex matters workshops for teens and parents and helping families develop life plans.

The keynote speaker was Gianna Jessen, an incredibly gifted speaker with an even more incredible story. Jessen is the survivor of a failed saline abortion attempt and it is her life that the film “October Baby” was loosely based.

Jessen’s birth is an incredible tale of her overcoming the overwhelming odds, which she is quick to give God the glory for. Born at an abortion clinic, Jessen was rushed to a hospital, which was unheard of before 2002 as infants that survived abortions were usually strangled, suffocated or abandoned. After she survived for months of intensive care, Jessen was immediately put into the emergency foster care system where she was mistreated and ignored. At 17 months old, she was taken from that foster home and placed with Penny, the women who would become her adopted grandmother.

Jessen prognosis stated she would be a vegetable all her life, but Penny worked with her and prayed for her and by the time Jessen was three-years old she could walk with a walker and braces, today she walks only with a slight limp and has run two 26 mile marathons. As a result of the abortion attempt, Jessen was diagnosed with what she calls the “gift of Cerebral Palsy.”

“I know I’m his (God’s) girl,” said Jessen proudly, “… no human being can ever determine who you are capable of being.”

Jessen told humorous tales of some her misadventures such as the British man who asked her run a marathon in England, and Jessen “being the Jane Austen fan” she is, mistook that for a proposal.

As well as when she was speechless before Former President Bush or as she put it “so nervous she could die!” In between laughing, the audience was brought to reverent silence in moments like when the former president told her she “was so sweet, so sweet and he would not let her down.” Afterwards, he put in place the Born Alive Bill, which ensured infants born alive after an abortion attempt received medical care.

Jessen spoke directly to the audience about the struggles, insecurities and hurts many people have or are suffering through on a regular basis.

“You are loved deeply and are not forgotten by God,” she said.

The banquet concluded with what any good party has — cake. Those in attendance had the opportunity to participate in a silent auction and the winners were announced at the conclusion of the banquet.

Sponsors for the event included silver sponsor, Malisa Blake and bronze sponsors, Airtemp Refrigeration, CARR, Citizen’s Nation Bank, Morrison Supply, Runaway Train Cafe and anonymous donors.

For more information about PCC, visit www.pccbrownwood.com.