When Early High School band director Jason Jones was asked to play the “Chicken Dance” for Saturday’s Great Easter Egg Hunt, Jones knew it was going to be difficult to find sheet music for all the members of the jazz band.

“After talking with Abe about it, he told me he could do it,” Jones said. “He worked on it last weekend, and we spent a couple of days tweaking it.”

Saturday’s event wasn’t the first time sophomore Abe Cooper has written sheet music for a song. With the help of a program called Sibelius, Cooper has written several songs for himself and the Early High School Band.

“It asks you what instruments you want to work with,” Cooper said. “I start with the bass notes and then built off that. It took me three days to write all the music”

Cooper started composing music when he was 8-year-old and over the years he has written music for about 30 songs.

“I first started with music for me to play on my piano,” Cooper said. “Since then, I’ve written music so I could play some of the popular songs, including some from Lady Gaga.”

Cooper also wrote the sheet music to PSY’s popular song “Gangnam Style” for the Early High School Band, and later sold the sheet music to the Brownwood High School band.

“I’ve never came across a student who could compose like Abe,” Jones said. “It takes a certain type of person to compose music, your brain has to work in a certain way. I can’t write music like that — he just does an awesome job.”

The addition of the Early High School Jazz Band to the festivities of the Great Easter Egg Hunt was a great opportunity for the students to share their music with the community.

“I love to get the kids out and support the community,” Jones said. “They just loved the Easter Egg Hunt.”