Take care of all of your memories. For you cannot relive them.”

— Bob Dylan

As I was taking photos in Coggin Park of the Easter egg hunt, I saw this one little boy who was having a hard time getting the candy to stay in his basket.

The young boy was eagerly picking up the sweet treats and placing them in his basket, but the candy kept falling out because of the way he was holding the basket. While the other kids were quickly making their rounds through the candy area, he was still in the same spot picking up the same candy.

After seeing him struggle, I decided to help him out by picking up a few pieces of candy that were close to me and placed it in his basket. Shortly after that, his mother came out to hold the basket for him.

It reminded me of a story my dad told me about my first Easter egg hunt where I picked up eggs all by myself.

Growing up, all of our Easter egg hunts were held at my grandparent’s house. I was about 2-years-old when my mom attempted to let me pick up my own eggs and candy.

At that time, it was just four of us grandkids hunting for eggs. My dad tells me how I had my little Easter bucket and how I was ready to start getting candy.

Once my grandma said it was OK, we all made our way to the backyard and started our hunt.

My dad told me how I was doing good picking up the candy and eggs until my bucket was full enough to start spilling out. My dad laughed as he told me, “There you were mija, each time you bent down to pick up an egg five would fall out.”

Michael, my cousin who is a few months older than me, quickly noticed this trend and started walking behind me and picking up what fell out.

Shortly after that, my parents came to my rescue. My dad distracted Michael away from me and my mom quickly picked up what was left from my trail. Luckily, my grandma didn’t put out all of the candy or eggs, so she came over and filled my basket a little more.

After that incident, my dad told me it took me a few more years before I could hunt by myself.

While I can’t really remember that Easter, that was the first of my many Easter egg hunts. A few years ago, my dad showed me some of the photos that my aunt took from that day — including one of Michael following me.

One of my favorite Easter egg hunts was when it rained so much that we couldn’t have it outside. Instead, my parents hid the eggs all through out the house.

Looking back over all of those hunts, I find myself wondering where did all the time go? I remember some of those days as if they were yesterday.


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