Prosecutors from Brown and Coleman counties and a Texas Ranger will meet next week to discuss the Michele Reiter case, and questions about the investigation into Reiter's death will be answered then, District Attorney Micheal Murray said in a 35th District Court hearing Tuesday.

Bush, 54, was present in court with his attorney, Perry Sims, on a motion to suppress evidence in an online impersonation charge against Bush. The case is set for trial on Sept. 30. That suppression of evidence matter was quickly dealt with as Murray and Sims announced they had reached an agreement. The agreement was that the state would not offer into evidence a portion of a video that showed Bush's statements to law enforcement officials.

Ellis, addressing Murray, said he is aware "from news accounts" that an investigation into Reiter's death involves Bush. "What's the status of that investigation?" Ellis asked.

Murray replied that he, Texas Ranger Danny Crawford and Coleman County District Attorney Heath Hemphill will meet next week to discuss the case, and questions of whether any additional charges will be filed and jurisdiction will likely be answered.

The state has been awaiting the results of analysis of evidence, and "jurisdiction's a big issue in this case," Murray told Ellis.

"I don't want people spinning their wheels if (the online impersonation case) is going to be put on a back burner," Ellis said.

Sims has filed a motion for a change of venue to San Saba County in the online impersonation case. A hearing on the motion is scheduled for Aug. 13.

Sims wrote in the motion that Bush can't get a fair trial in Brown County because of media coverage that began shortly after Reiter, who lived in Brownwood, disappeared. Reiter, a Home Depot employee, was last seen on Sept. 10, 2012, and her body was found in a shallow grave in Coleman County on Sept. 24.

The media coverage has been prejudicial against Bush, Sims argued in the motion.

Bush, who had dated and lived with Reiter, is accused in a Brown County indictment of posting Facebook messages under the name Rocky Switzer "with the intent to harm Michele Reiter." Bush faces an identical charge in Tom Green County.

Bush entered a not-guilty plea to the online impersonation charge at an April 2 hearing.

In a jailhouse interview with the San Angelo Standard Times in October, Bush denied any involvement in Reiter's disappearance.