A new resident will dwell in the Governorís Mansion in Austin in 2014.

Gov. Rick Perry, the longest tenured chief executive in Texas history, on Monday announced he will not seek re-election once his latest term ends in 18 months.

Perry, the 63-year-old Republican, has been in office since December 2000, as he filled the void left when George W. Bush became the 43rd President of the United States.

Perry also ran for president in 2012, but dropped out of the race prior to South Carolina primary. He has not ruled out running again in 2016.

The 2014 election will mark the first time since 1990 there has been an open race for governor in Texas.

Several media outlets listed Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott as the Republican most likely to seek the position, with Sen. Wendy Davis of Fort Worth, who recently rose to fame for her filibuster speech during the abortion bill vote in June, a potential Democratic candidate.

The Bulletin asked readers their thoughts on Perryís decision, and the following opinions were posted on the Bulletinís Facebook page. Comments appear as they were on Facebook:

Dano Dunham: I canít think of anyone I know, conservative included, who thought Perry was a doing a great job as Governor but somehow he managed to be victorious time and time again, mostly due to straight ticket voting in a predominantly red state I suspect. So I think this is good news for nearly everyone, but I sure would have liked to see him lose.

Cruzin Tijerina: I think heís done an ok job....people are working here in Texas. Our state is doing alot better than other states as far as money wise...oil field has been going well...taxes are alot lower than other states...

Juan Carlos Whitby Carter: Why so much hate for Rick Perry? The man has kept the Texas economy stronger than all the other states in this economic struggle! That made Texas the fastest and largest growing (percentage based) state in the country on the last census. Is he perfect? No. He is human. Anything with humans evolved is flawed, we are a flawed people. Judge not on a man based solely on his downfalls.

Sean Lewis: Obviously some of you arnít too aware of how things are going in other states. He hasnít been perfect, but heís done alot better than most.

Jennifer Lederer: I canít say iím sorry to see him go. Letís hope we get some candidates worth considering. Is Wendy definitely running? Because if so, iíll likely be voting for her.

Travis Curry: it shouldnt be about blue or red state it should be about who can do the job and keep our economy strong....

Mark Anthony Ramirez: Its time for the new Texas. The idea that theres no rise in the number democratic voices in Texas is less than theoretical.†† †

Sandi Chai Brown: I hope he runs for president.

Charlotte Parrack: I pray we get another strong conservative Christian that will fight and stand up for Texas, no matter what the rest of the nation is doing!

Jay Longley: Thank God for small miracles like this.