Brown County's two largest cities saw healthy growth in their July sales tax allocations when compared to July 2012 — 6.2 percent for Brownwood, and 6.15 percent for Early.

"Really? Wow! Fantastic!" Brownwood Finance Director Walter Middleton said when he learned of Brownwood's numbers.

"That's great."

July numbers reflect May sales.

After last month's numbers, Middleton had reason to be happy. In June, 

Brownwood saw a 4.9 percent decrease from June 2012.

"I think, really, this is continuing the same pattern that we're seeing this year," Middleton said, describing the numbers for the year as a "pogo stick — up and down, up and down. It's hard to draw any conclusions from it."

Brownwood's July allocation was $482,788, compared with last July's $454,584. Year-to-date, Brownwood's allocations total $3.52 million, up slightly from last year's 3.5 million.

In Early, City Administrator Ken Thomas welcomed the third consecutive month of strong growth. Early's July allocation was $80,799, compared with July 2012's $76,095. Year-to-date, Early's allocations total $595,655, up from last year's $586,537.

"I'm just hoping this is becoming a pattern for awhile," Thomas said. "What's nice about this, from all indications, this probably doesn't take into consideration Taco Casa." 

Thomas was referring to Early's newest restaurant, which opened recently.

Bangs' July allocation of $9,352 was .69 percent lower than the July 2012 allocation of $9,418. Year-to-date, Bangs' allocations total $71,806, a 1.29 percent increase.

In Blanket, July's allocation of $2,170 was 1.97 percent higher than July 2012's $2,128. Year-to-date, Blanket's allocations total $13,312, a 1.93 percent increase over last year's $13,059.

The total for all four municipalities in July was $575,091, a 6 percent increase over last July's $542,226. Year-to-date, allocations total $4.2 million, a

.55 percent increase over last year's $4.17 million.

State Comptroller Susan Combs said sales tax revenue in June — also a reflection of May sales — was $2.17 billion, up 9.1 percent compared to June 2012.

Growth in sales tax receipts was led by business sectors such as manufacturing and construction,” Combs said. “Remittances from the oil and natural gas industry remain strong, while sales tax revenue was also notable for restaurants – a consumer sector.”

Combs will send cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose taxing districts their July local sales tax allocations totaling $578.3 million, up 8.1 percent compared to July 2012.