BALLINGERĖ Two Ballinger residents were found dead inside their homes in separate incidents occurring on Monday, July 1, and on Monday, July 8, 2013.

Ann Marie Collier, 57-years-of-age, of Ballinger, passed away Monday, July 1, 2013 at her residence. She was found by a Meals on Wheels representative early in the morning in the 300 block of Pou Avenue, in Ballinger, Texas.

Collier, who spent some time working as a jailor in Runnels County Jail, had a medical history and her family didnít request for an autopsy. She was pronounced dead on site by Judge Glenda Wood. Her body was taken to Lange Funeral Home, in Ballinger, Texas. A memorial service was held Saturday, July 6, at the Seventh Street Baptist Church.

In the most recent case, Harvey Hollis, 65-years-of-age, was found Monday night, July 8, at the Riverside apartment complex located on South Sixth Street and Kempner Avenue, in Ballinger, Texas.

Hollis was last seen on July 3, and was found by his sister when she was called by neighbors. Fellow residents of the complex suspected that something was not right inside the house.

Judge Wood pronounced him dead at 9:30 p.m. The body was also taken to Lange Funeral Home, in Ballinger, Texas. According to his family Hollis also had a medical history. No autopsy was ordered.

Ballinger Police Department didnít find any evidence of foul play and is handling both of this cases as deaths by natural causes.