The Brown County Commissioners voted unanimously Monday morning to suspend the imposed burn ban.

    “In light of the rain we are receiving right now, I would like to lift the burn ban,” said Precinct 2 Commissioner Joel Kelton. “I agree. Let’s lift it,” said Precinct 3 Commissioner Wayne Shaw.

    Brown County Court-at-Law Judge Frank Griffin asked the court for a resolution to allow remaining funds from the DWI Court to be transferred to the county’s general fund. “We operated the court for about four years,” Griffin said. "We had state funding. It was a program to try and stop anyone from becoming felony offenders.”

    The specialty court included intense supervision and treatment, which included counseling for drunk driving offenders. Griffin stated he “hated” to see the program close its doors. “We graduated a total of 33 from the program,” Griffin said. “There was too much of a chance that we would have run out of money with someone halfway through the program.”

    The commissioners granted Griffin’s request and approved a resolution, pending proper accounting procedures, to transfer the $45,655 from the DWI Court fund to the county’s general fund.

    The commissioners also heard from Casilda Clarich, risk management consultant with the Texas Association of Counties (TAC), who provided a services review. The review included details regarding different types of insurance policies and training sessions currently utilized by the county, as well as other available programs.

    In other business, the court:

    • Approved a $1,190 expenditure to replace fire extinguishers in all county-owned buildings

    • Approved amendments to the On-Site Sewage Facilities Order

    • Approved a request by TxDOT Traffic Safety Specialist Jeanni Luckey to host a press conference this morning on the north side of the courthouse. The press conference will highlight “Faces of Drunk Driving," a joint initiative between TxDOT, Texas Department of Public Safety and Mothers Against Drunk Driving and is an effort to reduce drinking and driving.