Lake Brownwood was still benefitting from runoff as of late Thursday afternoon and had risen by more than 4.5 feet since Sunday, and the total gain in elevation could come close to five feet, Brown County Water Improvement District General Manager Dennis Spinks said.

"It's slowing down, but we're getting some runoff into the lake," Spinks said, noting it had rained on the watershed Wednesday night.

The lake's elevation late Thursday afternoon was 1,416.63 feet, which is 8.37 feet below spillway.

This week's rain and the rise in the lake's level aren't impacting the project to drill a test well into the Ellenberger and Hickory Sands aquifers. It's still necessary to explore alternate sources of water, Spinks said.

Stewart Brothers Drilling crews had reached a depth of 1,500 feet Thursday, and progress had been slowed because the drill hit black shale, Spinks said. The drill will likely be getting into the limestone of the Ellenberger Aquifer at 1,600 feet.

The test well, off Corrigan Avenue just southeast of Brownwood city limits, will be about 3,600 feet deep.