Do any readers remember a former U.S. Attorney General by the name of Ramsey Clark? His career in that position wasn't too stellar. He was appointed by former President “mah fella Texan” Lyndon Johnson. Ramsey went on in his “so to speak” life as a person going around the world denouncing the U.S. and its policies. One of his last great acts was acting as legal defense council for former dictator Saddam Hussein of Iraq.

I understand that this record was hard to beat, but the current attorney general has far out-surpassed Ramsey Clark. I am, of course, speaking of Eric "bro from the Hood" Holder. This is the guy that heads up the same justice department that says they aren't going to prosecute any black on white crime... only white on black crime as demonstrated by the thugs threatening voters in front of a poling place. Let us not forget his very astute testimony in the “Fast and Furious” gun-running matter, and his constant looking the other way in many voting irregularities in recent elections. He constantly takes the position of “I know nothing”... reminding me of Sgt. Klink.

But alas! He now steps forward showing his brilliance and says that Texas is infringing on voter rights and is trying to throw a monkey wrench in the works to try and stop some much-needed (and recently passed) Texas voter laws to enforce voter identification.

I just know that my congressman Mikey Conaway is going to say something any minute concerning this matter. In the meantime, I will go ahead and say it, “Mr. Attorney General, go back to the Hood. Stay out of Texas' business and we will send you a kite.”

Don Yoes