Local Company In Richland Springs, TX manufactures bulletproof backpack inserts for students to carry in backpack to protect students from random gunfire. Rob Moon owner of Jagteq,llc has developed a 2 lb bulletproof backpack insert, That is 12 inch x 12 inch  for students backpacks. Rob is in the natural gas well automation business. But when all these shootings started happening in schools. Rob decided to make a product that is affordable for all students to protect them from random gunfire. I can not stand the thought of a child being shoot Rob said. I want these in every backpack in USA. They are made from pressed fiberglass and they work. You can go to saviorshield.com and see YouTube video of them shooting these with 45 and 9mm  at close range and they stop the bullets. Rob said he has sold these all over the USA. They sale them for $39 each that's a lot less than a $400 bulletproof backpack. He said shipping is $11.50 each anywhere in the USA.

He did say anyone local he will deliver to them and they would not have to pay shipping. He also said for large orders he offers discounts. He said if he could just save 1 child it would be worth it.

So if you want a back to school item that could save you child's life, well you found it.

Rob said help him spread the word. Get these in all students backpacks. You can call Rob at 325-452-3052 or email him at rob@jagteq.com or go to website and order saviorshield.com

He said he will come do school presentations as well as give discounts to schools and teachers.

They also make large sizes for the back or dry erase boards or you can attach to back of door for safe areas for the students. He has a school supply that could save students life so be sure an d put this on shool supplies list. They make several colors too. From camo to zebra even leopard print.