EARLY — What began as a baby store has boomed into a bustling business that carries clothing for girls sizes newborn to 14.

Tiny Tots Trunk & Btween, located in Heartland Mall, is the brainchild of former mall manager Charlotte Parrack and her daughter, store manager Melissa Sosebee.

“In June last year, my mom called me with the idea of opening the store and asked what I would want to do,” Sosebee said. “I’d been a stay at home mom and she wanted to get me out of the house because my boys had just started school. We came to the decision to do a baby store, and it progressed from there.”

During the past year, Sosebee’s passion for the store has led to it earning a grandiose distinction — her third child.

“I love coming in here everyday and getting to see the kids and dress up the girls,” Sosebee said. “I have two boys, an eight-year-old and a six-year-old, Slater and Jackson, so I get to come in here and dress up the girls. This store is my girl. People ask about my kids and I tell them I have two boys, and a girl.

“I just love the store, this is my second home. I don’t consider it a job whatsoever. It’s my second love to my family.”

The customer base for Tiny Tots Trunk & Btween has grown statewide in the short amount of time the store has existed, according to Sosebee.

“We ship online from Midlothian to Houston, all over, and we have customers from Abilene and Austin who come here just to see the store,” Sosebee said. “When we first opened we had newborn up to size 6. In April, we started carrying 6-14, tweens.”

Assistant manager Juliet LeMond joined Tiny Tots Trunk & Btween — when it was still referred to by its original name, Tiny Tots Trunk — in April, as the store embraced new merchandise to provide older girls and ignited its rapid growth.

Among the items for sale are more than 300 bows created in house, which are on display on the wall to the right immediately as you enter the store. From newborn gifts to the popular squeaky shoes to jeans for tweens, along with embroidery for everything from backpacks to nap mats to lunch boxes to onesies, Tiny Tots Trunk & Btween attempts to provide as much apparel for young girls as possible.

“We’ve added a lot of stuff,” LeMond said. “We have painted shoes by a local artist who paints them for us. The bow wall has 300 bows on it at any given time and we are actually right now expanding the bow wall. We make tutus, we make bandana dresses, sack dresses and we actually just did our own pattern and are calling it the Rene dress. We’ve made some of those for the store to see how they go over. We also have vintage romper sashes and headbands that we make.”

Tiny Tots Trunk & Btween will mark its anniversary by holding a One-Year Anniversary Sale-A-Bration from 10 a.m. Thursday to 5 p.m. Sunday, both to offer appreciation to customers, as well as showcase the merchandise in the store.

“On the first day we’re having an open house, which is open to everyone with lunch provided, and sales throughout the day,” LeMond said. “People are going to be able to draw at the register for a discount on that immediate purchase, plus we’ll have other discounts throughout the store.

“At 1 p.m. Saturday, we’re going to have our first ever ‘Tots to Tweens Fashion Show,’ trying to show not only that we have dresses for babies, which people learned very quickly, but in April we also started carrying all the tween items, and that message has been a little more difficult to get out.”

Additionally, for the holiday season — which will mark the second Christmas for Tiny Tots Trunk & Btween — the store will introduce toys to its line, which currently consists of clothing and some home decor.

While the store does carry boys clothing from newborn to size 2, Sosebee said the focus is, and will continue to be, on girls.

“We started offering bigger sizes and it grew from there,” Sosebee said. “I see it growing a little bit everyday and I’d like to see it grow even more.”