If I were a small business owner, I would want a Congress that would

1. Raise the federal minimum wage to $10 or $12 per hour because it would put more money into the hands of my customers who will spend it. As Teddy Roosevelt said, the ordinary people would get an opportunity to take a crack at it.

2. To place tighter regulation on Wall Street needed to protect us from their corruption.

3. To close offshore tax loopholes for the rich and multinational corporations.

4. to require hedge fund managers to pay taxes,(Romney comes to mind) thus putting more money into the U.S. Treasury.

5. Place higher taxes on the rich, as a franchise tax for the privilege of doing business in the United States.

6. A government that will spend this huge tax flow on infrastructure projects (public works) i.e. roads, bridges, dams, clean energy (windmills, solar, natural gas) that create new good paying jobs.

7. That will develop natural gas powered vehicles and natural gas stations nationwide, creating more jobs, cleaner air.

8. Let the big corporations pay the national debt they created it.

Will your Congressman and/or Senators vote for this? Would You?


Colonel George Day

JAG (retired)