Letter to the editor:

One of the most unreasonable questions ever asked was, “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” A related remark was made by Jesus regarding His ministry when He said, “A prophet is not without honor except in his own country.” However, history has validated the fact that indeed something very good came out of Nazareth, and He is being honored marvelously right here in the Texas Hill Country by an amazing dramatic/musical presentation by the congregation of The Church of The Hills in Lometa, Texas.

Under the talented leadership of Pastor Kevin Martin, the congregation put together The Gift, a musical rendition of three days surrounding the birth of Jesus and Jewish agony associated with cruel Roman occupation of Bethlehem. The entire church auditorium has been remodeled to depict Bethlehem and the surrounding hills: merchant shops, tax collector, Roman soldiers, shepherds, Mary and Joseph in a cave-manger, and angels high above the congregation.

“Wow!” isn’t an adequate adjective to describe the amazing quality of The Gift. The peasant choir was first rate. The costumes were authentic. The script and musical score were stirring. Perhaps the head-turning event of the evening was an opera-level vocal duet by Pastor Martin and his oldest daughter, Cherish, as they sang harmoniously in English and Italian. Not a few cheeks were wet as lights faded from the duet. Mine certainly were.

The Gift is among the finest quality programs presented by local residents in the Texas Hill Country. It was professionally produced and directed to stir audiences… and it did just that! People privileged to be in the church auditorium on Dec. 14, 15, and 16 were fortunate to witness an event of such quality in our own back yard. Locals and visitors who missed the The Gift should visit The Church of The Hills in Lometa to gape in astonishment at the way Pastor Martin and his team “built Bethlehem” in Lometa.

The set will be available for Sunday visitors through Easter. The next scheduled performance of The Gift is Dec. 2015. Mark your calendars so you can enjoy an hour of an inspirational rendition of “something good” from Nazareth.


Ronald E. Johnson

Zephyr, Texas