The Stars of Texas Juried Art Exhibit will present three unique artists, demonstrating different techniques for creating art, on Wednesday.

Tina Howard is a Blanket artist, who will demonstrate letter press printing, using a "sign press" or "small proof press."

In 2005, Howard purchased her first antique printing press and moveable type. By reading old textbooks and scouring the internet, she was able to learn to use them. 

"This method is called Letterpress Printing," Howard said, "and it uses the same principles and tools that Gutenberg developed when he invented moveable type in the 15th century."

She explained it is the method used to produce all books, forms, tickets, calling cards, and newspapers for hundreds of years.

"If you have a book printed before 1970, chances are it was printed by letterpress."

According to Howard, letterpress remains an art form because of a couple of desirable qualities. It creates a palpable impression on the paper and it is done one sheet at a time, with nuances to each print.

Howard will demonstrate the techniques for producing a print, "set-typing" one character at a time. She now owns three presses, the two mentioned and a large block press.

In addition to printing as a hobby, Howard also does linoleum block printing and makes fine silver jewelry from hand sculpted metal clay.


Brownwood artist and graphic designer, Christopher Gaston will demonstrate digital design. Originally from San Angelo, Gaston moved to Brownwood in 2004. He is self taught and began creating digital art and started his own business in 1999. Gaston works in design, layout, and website design.

He specializes in a number of digital techniques to create distinctive digital art, which is often said to exhibit the characteristics of abstract expressionism. He currently has a piece exhibited in the gallery at the Depot. 

After reading a book describing the horrors of human trafficking, Gaston began donating 100 percent of the proceeds from his art sales to Make Way Partners.

"I decided I could do my part and donate to that cause," Gaston said. 


Valerie DelaRosa is a Brownwood artist, who is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, with a concentration in graphic design, at Angelo State University. She is a traditional artist and Graphic Designer, who works heavily with acrylic medium and Adobe editing software. 

Her career path first began during her Junior year at Brownwood High School, where she was introduced to digital design by Shannon Pittman. Valerie's personal designs embody a youthful outlook on today's urban street wear by using high contrast illustrations mixed with geometric shapes and saturated colors.  

DelaRosa's award winning artwork has been featured in galleries at Angelo State and in the Brownwood Art Association Gallery. She will be demonstrating different techniques using charcoal medium on illustration paper at the Stars of Texas Juried Art Exhibit.