Decoupage, watercolors, and pottery are on the schedule for the demonstrations to be held at the Stars of Texas Juried Art Exhibit from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Thursday.

With only two more days of demonstrations and viewing of the gallery, be sure to make your way out to the Depot Civic and Cultural Center, as well as the Salon des Refuses, in the gallery of the Brownwood Art Association at 215 Fisk Ave.

Early artist, Donna Thompson, will demonstrate techniques in decoupage, for creating art. Thompson said she has two children, who enjoy creating arts and crafts, with her. As family, the Thompsons also recondition furniture.

"We have sold a few items," Thompson said, "but most items are given to our family and friends as gifts."

Thompson describes the art of decoupage as applying various materials, including paper, pictures, magazine pages, and fabric, to other other items, with glue. She says decoupage is an art for all ages.

"The amount of items you can create with decoupage are endless," she added, "I've made flower pots, crosses, picture frames, magazine holders, and many other things."


Cindy McCarn, an Abilene artist, will demonstrate painting with watercolors on a synthetic paper called "yupo." Those, along with acrylics, are her favorite media, but she works in mixed media, as well, which she said "accentuate different aspects of the piece."

McCarn has dabbled in art projects and crafts since childhood, but it wasn’t until she retired from public school teaching that she found unscheduled time to allow her to focus on painting.  

She currently takes weekly watercolor lessons from Ginger Test and has taken various workshops from other artists including Carolyn Walker, Jo Beck, Warren Taylor, and Jo Beth Gilliam. McCarn said each artist has added to her knowledge and abilities.

McCarn said, people often ask her how she decides what to paint. If in a class, she follows the instructor’s suggestions to get the most from the instruction. But when painting on her own time, she answered differently.  

“It just depends on the day. I follow whims and subjects that I like," McCarn said, "Most of the things that I paint are subjects from God’s beautiful world of nature.”  

Looking at Cindy’s art work shows quite a variety of subjects and style, but vivid color is consistently seen. 


Paige Adkins Shelton, an artist from Smithville, Texas, began studying art at an early age. She watched her mother paint portraits, live in her home studio, and paint beautiful landscapes all over central Texas & Hawaii, as they traveled with Paige’s father in his career as a United States Air Force pilot.  

Throughout the family's many moves, across the country and abroad, she continued her interest in art and ultimately received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Texas. 

Inspired and motivated by her ceramics and sculptural classes, Shelton moved into a new direction with 3 dimensions. She joined a group of potters in a business venture, Westbank Pottery in Austin, for many years, beginning a career that took her to shows, galleries and teaching all over Texas.  

Shelton's clients tell her the artistic, colorful and detailed porcelain & stoneware she creates are a pleasure to use and enjoy. In addition to creating, she enjoys teaching and inspiring new potters, young and old. Watching other artisans and participating in workshops has always brought her inspiration.  

Shelton will demonstrate her pottery, Thursday.