I write this letter in support of Mike Holder and rebuttal of the letter by Russ Davis in Sunday's paper. Mike has had several letters printed that talk about how honest and caring a person he is by some very prominent and august members of the bar and law profession. I don't fit in with this elate group as I am just an Old Arm NCO. One thing I learn in my 20 plus years was to recognize such things as character, integrity, honesty and courage. Mike has these in Spades while Russ Davis is sorely lacking in them.

I have lived in Harbor Point a lot longer than Russ Davis. For those of you who don't know, North Lake is made up of three home owners associations, Harbor Point, Tamarack Mountain and Thunderbird Bay. I can't speak for the other organizations but when Harbor Points by laws was printed up they clearly stated the members could vote with absent tee ballots. This was because most of our development is made up of owners that only come down for a few times in the summer. Some years ago we were going through some growing pains and lost some of our board members. The remaining members appointed Pat Archer to the board and a short time later she appointed Russ Davis. At the next annual meeting they tried to raise the members dues. This was voted down. At the following annual meeting Pat Archer was moved out of the state and Russ Davis took it upon himself to do away with absent tee votes. When I challenged him on this he told me it was his decision. Some time later he stated it was Pat Archers. No matter whose it was it was not legal or ethical. Having made himself a dictator he now runs wild. He has been able to do this for several reasons. Our members are scattered all over the state and another dozen are even out of state. He has a tame Judge in Wall who always finds in favor of the board and if we tried to sue the board we would be fighting our own money as the board would use our dues to fight us. As you can see the poor property openers are facing a stacked deck.

Three years ago Senator West got the state law changed to give us a chance. Now by law every owner must be given a chance to vote absent tee, e-mail and etc. I personally took this information to the harbor point board. They have chose to ignore the law. I have found no one who will enforce this law. I strongly feel Mike Holder will hold the home owners association board members accountable. Russ Davis said his letter was not political, Oh yea. And pigs have wings.

Help us out folks! Vote Wall out and Holder in.

David L. Tessaro

MSG. USA, Ret.