Early ISD musical to be presented at the Lyric Theatre Oct. 19, 21, 22

An ambivalent Cinderella? A ravenous Little Red Riding Hood? Charming princes who can’t seem to get the girl? A witch...who raps?

They’re all among the cockeyed characters in this fractured fairy tale titled “Into the Woods.” a musical to be presented by students from Early ISD at the Lyric Theatre.

The cast of characters, which are from a variety of fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm, must be careful what they wish for: The Baker and his Wife wish to have a child, Cinderella wishes to go the King’s Festival, and Jack wishes his cow would give some milk.

Early students from grades 6-12 will be performing this as their annual musical, with the premiere performance at 7:30 p.m. Thursday and additional performances at 7:30 p.m. Saturday and a matinee at 2:30 p.m. Sunday. The production is directed by Ren Yantis and includes 28 cast and crew members - all students - who have done everything from building sets, making costumes, playing dual parts and working backstage.

Yantis, who has been the science and technology teacher for the past 17 years at EISD, has helped with school One Act Play productions for the last decade.

“This is my first musical to direct, I’ve been backstage for 10 years,” Yantis said. “It is very different from directing a one act play. The kids have taken care of everything - they have done all the work.” There is no class time allotted to prepare for the musical, she explained. “These kids give up hours and hours of their own free time to build the set and rehearse,” she said. “All of the rehearsals and workdays are after school, Saturdays and Sundays.”

This epic adventure musical incorporates plots and characters of several Brothers Grimm fairy tales and features music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and a book by James Lapine. The musical is relatively young, written in 1986 and it premiered on Broadway Nov. 5, 1987 and ran for 785 performances.

Auditions for the production were held in May and students have been working and rehearsing since Aug. 28, Yantis explained.

The Narrator introduces the cast of characters, each with a wish: the Baker and Baker’s wife long for a child but cannot conceive, Jack desperately wishes his cow Milky White would once again provide milk so he wouldn’t have to sell her, and Cinderella dreams of attending the king’s ball and someday being free of her cruel stepmother and step-sisters. When all their tales, and the tales of other fairy tale characters, lead to the woods and become intertwined, dreams come true and wishes are granted. Their happiness has consequences, though, and the characters are forced to band together to save their world from destruction.

When the Baker and his Wife learn they’ve been cursed with childlessness by the Witch next door, they embark on a quest for the special objects required to break the spell — deceiving, swindling and swiping from Cinderella (as she hides from the handsome prince), Little Red (and her appetite for sweets and wolf skins), Rapunzel (who’s been letting boys in her bedroom window), and Jack (yes, the beanstalk guy). Everyone’s wish is granted, but not without calamity, confusion, collusion, and craziness!

McKenna Towell, a senior, who plays the Baker’s wife, said she is excited to put the production on stage.

“I am super pumped,” Towell said. “I’ve been looking forward to this since the auditions.”

Kate Yantis, an eighth grader, plays both the Wolf and Rapunzel’s Prince.

“It’s been a little weird playing two characters,” said Kate Yantis, who is in real life the director’s daughter.

Senior Carmen Atteberry is the stage manager for the musical.

“This is the first time I’ve gotten to help with the musical,” she said.

Freshman Skyler Moore, who plays Cinderella’s stepmother, said it is a little unusual playing a female role, but he said it’s fun.

“It’s embarassing when my friends see the play,” Moore said. “But it is really fun.”

The audience will likely recognize some of the musical numbers in the production like “Agony” and “It Takes Two.”

This annual production follows the presentation of “Footloose” in 2016 and “Scrooge in 2015. 

Tickets are $12 each and are available at www.brownwoodlyrictheatre.com and will also be available at the Brownwood Lyric Theatre box office on each performance date.


When: 7:30 p.m. Oct. 19, 21 and

2:30 p.m. Oct. 22.

Where: Lyric Theatre, 318 Center


Cost: $12 per ticket

Cast and crew

• Narrator- Peyton Carey

• Narrator- Madison Green

• Cinderella- Brooklynn Richmond

• Jack- Carson Hill

• Milky White- Emma Carey

• Baker- Thomas Kinnin

• Baker’s Wife- McKenna Towell

• Cinderella’s Stepmother- Skyler Moore

• Florinda- Macey Jacobs

• Lucinda- Megan Bynum

• Cinderella’s Father- Zane Hobson

• Little Red Riding Hood- Sidney Becktold

• Jack’s Mother- Breanna Ezzell

• Witch- Linsey Piper

• Mysterious Man- Kaedon Robertson

• Cinderella’s Mother- Sydney Neel

• Wolf- Kate Yantis

• Rapunzel- Sydney Neel

• Rapunzel’s Prince- Kate Yantis

• Granny- Payton Bartlett

• Cinderella’s Prince- Vinnie Carnes

• Steward- Hayden Dickey



• Autumn Carey

• Holly Edwards

• Payton Hoffman

• Caleb Larue

• Skylar Peterson


• Stage Manager-

Carmen Atteberry

• Stage Crew- Prashtab Ghimire

• Stage Crew- Stacen Hinton

• Sound- Tristyn Dunlap

• Music- Brianna Brown

• Lighting- Kaitlin Godfrey

• Director- Ren Yantis

• Musical Director- Gabi Guest

• Assistant Director- Amber Jones