Fifteen-year-old Early High School student Kenzie Poindexter has been donating her hair for cancer patients since she was 4, and recently made her fourth hair donation.   

Poindexter’s selfless efforts inspired one Brownwood stylist to do even more for the cause.   

Travis Curry has been styling hair at E Clips Salon for ten years. On Tuesday, his salon hosted a fundraiser and hair donation drive to benefit Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program and the American Cancer Society.   

From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., E Clips Salon collected 32 ponytails for donation.   

Curry is good friends with Poindexter’s mother, Erocia Donahoo. Donahoo explained how her daughter started donating. “She had been watching TV, like Maury and St. Jude’s commercials,” Donahoo said, “and she just told us one day, ‘Hey, I want to donate my hair. There’s sick kids that need it and I feel like God gave me my hair to share.’”   

Donahoo said Kenzie has donated 49 inches of hair so far.   

Curry said he wanted to donate to the American Cancer Society because they give wigs to cancer patients for free. “It doesn’t cost anybody anything,” Curry said. “A lot of other organizations make you pay money for them.”   

“A lot of money,” Donahoo added.   

“As I was talking to the girls and everything, and they saw what Erocia’s daughter does, that inspired some of us to say, ‘Hey, let’s … just do an event one day at the salon and say anybody that wants to come in one day and donate their hair, we’ll just take a big quantity and we’ll just send it all in at one time. And if anybody doesn’t want to donate their hair, they can give a cash donation.”   

The Pantene Beautiful Lengths program encourages participants to donate either 8 inches of hair or $8 to the cause.   

Curry said he’d even received a hair donation from an Abilene woman after a she read a story about Poindexter’s latest donation. He opened a yellow envelope from the woman to reveal two eight-inch ponytails in baggies.   

“All of these people just started calling and wanting to donate,” Donahoo said. “It just blew up.”   

It doesn’t look like Kenzie is going to stop inspiring people anytime soon. “She said that she will donate for the rest of her life,” Donahoo said, “because there’s people that need it.”   

Curry said E Clips Salon will continue to accept and forward donations for anyone who wants to participate in the future. E Clips is located at 1615 Belle Plain in Brownwood.