A Brownwood man with city warrants ran through mesquite brush and a creek bed in south Brownwood Sunday morning, went down after a pursuing officer tazed him, then ran some more before the officer tackled and subdued the man with help from a solider.
    Officer Ian Baker arrested Samuel Lockhart, 41, on charges of evading arrest and resisting arrest, and on misdemeanor warrants for failure to appear and possession of drug paraphernalia, Brown County Jail records state.
    According to Baker’s report:
    Baker responded at 9:30 a.m. to the Lion Power Car Wash, 1720 Indian Creek Road, after a caller wanted a man checked out because of odd behavior. Baker located the man, who constantly waved his arms and head around
    The man identified himself as Lockhart, and dispatch radioed that Lockhart had warrants. Baker told Lockhart he was under arrest for the warrants. Lockhart responded angrily and began running.
    Baker radioed he was in a foot pursuit, and Lockhart made his way through mesquite brush and thorns to a creek bed. Baker yelled for Lockhart to stop, and Lockhart cursed at the officer. Lockhart made it to the water around the creek bed, tripped and started to get up.
    Baker deployed his Taser, and Lockhart went down after being struck in his shoulder. “After the five-second cycle, Lockhart got up and went back to running away from me,” Baker’s report states.
    Baker holstered his Taser and tackled Lockhart, and a guardsman from Camp Bowie came to Baker’s assistance. Baker got Lockhart into handcuffs with the solder’s help. Baker called for EMS to check out Lockhart, who had a small abrasion to an ear that did not require a doctor’s treatment.

Jail log
    Others booked into the Brown County Jail between 8 a.m. Friday and 8 a.m. Monday were:
    Robert Bremerman, 36, Brownwood, DWI.
    Christina Donham, 33, Hamilton, possession of a controlled substance.
    Dustin Evans, 21, Brownwood, DWI.
    Juan Garcia, 30, Brownwood, DWI.
    Alicia Gil, 24, Brownwood, DWI.
    Andrew Glick, 42, fraudulent use or possession of identifying information, failure to identify.
    Isaiah Kellems, 20, Blanket, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia.
    Anthony Lumpkin, 23, Bedford, theft of property.
    Rojelio Martinez Jr., 45, Early, bond withdrawal for assault.
    Luis Olguin, 17, Brownwood, possession of marijuana.
    Jeffrey Schott, 18, Blanket, possession of marijuana.
    Derrick Solomon, 33, Brownwood, traffic warrant.
    Rachel Strasser, 34, Bownwood, possession of a controlled substance.
    Danyel Wallace, 20, Joshua, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia.
    Andrew Watkins, 30, San Saba, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia.