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This security sticker is similar to the ones used by most stores.

Photo contributed
Early police seized this skimmer on March 3.

    Early and Brownwood police are investigating reports of credit card skimmers — devices that allow thieves to copy information from a credit card — at fuel pumps.
    There are no leads or suspects, police with both agencies said.
    According to an Early Police Department Facebook post:
    Police received a report of a skimmer in a fuel pump in the 100 block of Early Boulevard on March 3. The skimmer was located by a pump maintenance man who notified police when he found it.
    The skimmer appears to be identical to the one Brownwood police investigated earlier the same day. Early police will be working with Brownwood and the stores to identify a suspect.
    “We encourage everyone to monitor their credit card bills and report any unauthorized transactions,” Early police said in the Facebook post. “We also ask if anyone may have seen someone accessing the fuel pumps at any store that did not appear to be an authorized pump service technician, or may have had a computer plugged into the secure area of a pump, to contact either the Early or Brownwood Police Department.”
    Most stores will have a security sticker over the service door opening to indicate if there has been unauthorized access to the pump. Customers can check the pumps before using them. If the security sticker over the door opening has been tampered with, alert the store clerk or manager immediately, police said.
    One of the photos shows a security sticker similar to ones used by most stores. The other photo shows the skimmer that was seized today. Skinners by themselves are normally hard to spot without getting into the pump.
    According to a 2013 article published on the Consumer Reports website:
    “Credit card skimmers that thieves install where you swipe your card to pay at the pump can copy the account data from the magnetic stripe on the back of your card, along with your PIN if you type that in for a debit card transaction.
    “In fact, what crooks prize most is capturing debit card data complete with PINs so they can make counterfeit cards to withdraw cash from your account at ATMs.”