Howard Payne University recently hosted guest speaker Patricia J. Sulak, MD, founder of the Living WELL Aware™ wellness educational program, who led members of the HPU community in a high-energy discussion on holistic wellness.

Dr. Sulak is a researcher, professor, practicing physician, nationally acclaimed speaker and author of “Should I Fire My Doctor? Eleven Essential Elements to Living WELL Aware.”  She began her discussion on the HPU campus by leading the audience in a series of light exercises and described her program, which endorses a comprehensive view of health and wellness.

“I’m so happy that Dr. Sulak was able to present her wellness program to the HPU community,” said Amy Kresta, instructor of biology at HPU. “Most people are aware of the benefits of eating well and exercising, but her program was a great opportunity to remind us that there are many other aspects of wellness such as emotional, spiritual, social and even financial wellness. We were very fortunate to have her visit our campus.”

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