CELINA — The Light Farms community welcomed its first Light Farms Montessori Academy earlier this year. The Montessori is located at the southwest corner of Prairie Crossing and Light Farms Way, in Celina, Texas.

After developing an elementary school in Light Farms, the Republic Property Group facilitated another educational opportunity for the youngest members in the Light Farms community. Both schools are commended under the Prosper Independent School District.

Light Farms Montessori enrolls children from 6 weeks up to 6 years. Anyone who is not part of Light Farms is also welcome to enroll his or her child. Montessori offers multiple amenities for students, including spacious rooms, a dance and gym room and a playground.

In the playground, there are about tricycles and a trail to ride along. There is safe-play rubber tiles for infants, swing and toy instruments and a garden. In the garden, older students will plant their own fruits and vegetables.

The owner of Light Farms Montessori, Vineeta Bhargava, said she first visited the location in 2012, when Light Farms started developing. She said she was fascinated, and immediately wanted to advocate her fifth Montessori there.

“I wanted a location which is not a main street, so we don’t have traffic or a polluted area,” Vineeta said. “I want my kids to breathe fresh air when they go outside in the playground.”

Currently there are 29 students enrolled at Montesorri, and not all are from Light Farms. Some reside in Prosper and the Frisco area. The management is anticipating more than 100 students.

Light Farms Montessori Academy furnishes a proactive and professional environment. It offers basic Montessori curriculum including; practical life, sensorial, culture, math and language. Besides the basics of a Montessori, this academy also offers Spanish, dance classes, art and music.

Director of the Montessori Rumya Ravi said Montessori is about building independence, and being one-on-one with every child. She said the school’s goal is to achieve that with each student.

“We are very hands-on, and stay true to Montessori, and at the same time prepare the older kids to move off to a traditional setting of elementary school,” she said.

Rumya said all teachers at Light Farms Montessori are certified and have years of experience with children.

The parents of Light Farm Montessori said they feel satisfied with the new school for their children. A benefit offered to the parents is having teachers receive students outside the school during drop off. Parents who are on the go can easily drop off their children from the car and the teachers bring them to the classrooms.

Parents like Erin Petty, mother of a Light Farms Montessori student, said she has seen great results since enrolling her daughter. She said she is thrilled that her daughter is learning new things every day.

Another parent Kelly Blue, lives in Light Farms. She said her son loves going to the Montessori and having a school so close to her home is wonderful.

Rumya said teachers at Light Farms Montessori are enthusiastic with children, and they are pleased to invite more families.