A Brownwood man remained jailed Wednesday after constables serving an eviction notice in a home saw 22 grams of methamphetamine, then notified police and deputies, authorities said.
    In an unrelated incident, two other Brownwood residents remained jailed after a deputy followed up on information about methamphetamine at at apartment.

Arrest following eviction notice    
    Martin Sanchez, 50, was booked into the Brown County Jail Tuesday on a charge of manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance and on a Taylor County warrant for theft, jail records state.
    Constables were at Sanchez’s home Tuesday in the 2500 block of Avenue B to serve the eviction notice, police said. After constables notified police and deputies about the methamphetamine, police narcotics detective Aaron Taylor and sheriff’s investigator Carlyle went to the home.
    The officers examined the 22 grams of methamphetamine and located additional items including scales and packaging, which indicated distribution, police said.
    The officers seized $3,000 from Sanchez’s wallet as well as his phone, police said.
Additional arrests
    Gover arrested Benjamin Hernandez Jr., 54, and Rebecca Gonzales, 60, on two charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana after following up on information Monday, Gover’s report and jail records state. Hernandez was also arrested on traffic and failure to appear warrants.
    According to Gover’s report:
    Gover received information about methamphetamine in a Sunset Terrace apartment in the 1500 block of Terrace. Gover saw Hernandez and Gonzales leave in a car Hernandez was driving, and Gover made a traffic stop because Hernandez does not h ave a driver’s license.
    Gover obtained a search warrant for Hernandez and his apartment. Gover and other deputies executed the search warrant and found 4 grams of crystalized methamphetamine, and 60 grams of liquid methamphetamine.
    Deputies also found marijuana and 10 prescription tablets.