Two Brownwood police officers used a tourniquet to stop arterial bleeding from a man’s arm after he injured himself in a dispute early Easter morning, Police Chief Terry Nichols said.
    Alcohol was involved, and the man had injured himself with a knife in the incident, which happened around 2:40 a.m. on Austin Avenue, Nichols said.
    Nichols has directed that patrol officers carry tourniquets as part of their personal equipment in case  officer needs to stop severe bleeding to an arm or leg while waiting for paramedics.   
    Cpl. Sky Self and patrolman Patrick Weaver responded Sunday morning to a report of an altercation between a man and a woman, and the man had stabbed or cut himself numerous times, Nichols said. The officers applied a tourniquet before the fire department and Lifeguard Ambulance arrived. Nichols said it’s the first time he knows of that officers have used department-supplied tourniquets to stop bleeding.
    “The officers did a great job,” Nichols said. “I’m very proud of these guys and the competence they showed.”
    Nichols said he doesn’t know if the man would have bled to death before paramedics arrived. “Absolutely they kept him from losing a lot more blood,” Nichols said.
    A Willie’s T’s fundraiser last year provided $2,500 for Brownwood, Early and Bangs police departments and the sheriff’s office to buy medical kits for officers to carry in their vehicles. The kits include tourniquets and tourniquet holders which officers can carry on their duty belts or around their ankles.