A 26-year-old Tuscola woman remained jailed Friday morning on DWI and other charges in connection with a vehicle pursuit Thursday afternoon in Brownwood.
    Amber White was also charged with evading arrest with a vehicle and aggravated assault against a public servant, Brown County Jail records state. The assault charge was filed because White’s car nearly struck a sheriff’s deputy who was on foot, police said.
    White’s bonds total $23,000.
    White was previously convicted of DWI in November 2016, Brownwood police Cpl. Brandon Miller’s report states.
    According to Miller’s report:
    Miller was dispatched at 12:58 p.m. to the area of Bangs Hill on a reckless driver report. A dispatcher radioed that the caller saw a Chrysler car traveling inbound toward Brownwood swerving from “ditch to ditch” on the highway.
    Miller set up in the 1000 block of West Commerce and saw the car traveling east down Bangs Hill. Miller saw the car change lanes very quickly without signaling, and Miller activated his emergency lights to make a traffic stop.
    The car passed Miller, who followed on East Commerce and radioed the pursuit. The car made several turns, and Miller noted that sheriff’s deputy Jayson Bastardo had entered the pursuit.
    The car traveled down Duke Street and crossed all four lanes of West Austin Avenue without stopping. After making several more turns, the car traveled down West Austin at high speed, weaving and nearly going into oncoming traffic.
    The car traveled through a parking lot near the intersection of West Austin and Melwood, jumped the curb and traveled back out onto West Austin.
    Deputy Taylor Fletcher stopped his patrol vehicle in front of the car, and the driver stopped. Fletcher got in front of the car and gave commands to the driver, who accelerated toward Fletcher. Fletcher moved aside to avoid being struck, and Miller struck the front passenger window with his asp, shattering it. Miller hoped that would persuade the driver to stop, but she kept going.
    As the pursuit neared the 300 block of North Main, Brownwood police Sgt. Art Shannon radioed for officers to discontinue the pursuit because of increased traffic and the car’s high speed.
    Brownwood officers backed off the pursuit, which was continued by several deputies and Department of Public Safety trooper Martin Molotsky. Shortly after Brownwood officers terminated the pursuit, the driver pulled into the Kwik Kar parking lot on East Commerce. The car was blocked in, and officers ordered the driver out of her car multiple times.
    Fletcher broke the driver’s side window with his asp, and the driver eventually got out through the passenger side.
    After multiple commands by Miller and Molotsky, the driver refused to get on the ground, and officers took her to the ground. Miller heard the driver say she is pregnant, and Miller allowed the woman to turn to her side to be placed in handcuffs.
    The driver had various knicks and cuts, which officers believed were caused by the broken windows.
    Miller believed he saw signs of intoxication in the driver, who claimed she was not guilty of evading arrest. The woman said her boyfriend had been the driver and had fled on foot sometime during the pursuit. The woman then said she and her boyfriend had been in a fight between Abilene and Brownwood. The woman said her boyfriend left her with the car and walked down the highway.
    Paramedics checked out the woman because she was pregnant and had minor injuries. The woman consented to a blood draw, which was completed at Brownwood Regional Medical Center.