Special Olympian athletes from Brownwood are featured in Sunday's Lifestyle section, and special education teachers Cassi Millican and Linda Buck credited another group of special students — “peer buddies,” non-disabled students who help the Special Olympians prepare and compete.
    The two teachers said the student body is “amazing” with the special needs students.
    Peer buddies involved with Special Olympians are:
    • Jaten Reeves, 17, junior.
    • Daisy Green, 17, junior.
    • Reanna Grace, 16, sophomore.
    • Tristan Buitron, 16, sophomore.
    • Hayden Tunnell, 16, sophomore.
    • Bryson Wells, 18, senior.
    • McClane Moore, 18, senior.
    • Madison Arial, 15, freshman.
    Two of the peer buddies provided comments via email.
    Working with the Special Olympians is “a great opportunity to make a positive impact.” — Jaten Reeves
    “Helping the kids prepare for the Special Olympics has been an amazing experience. I love having the opportunity to work with them, watch them have fun and see how excited they get to be competing in the Olympics.” — Daisy Green