Brownwood’s Boy Scout Troop 14 and Early’s Troop 22 participated in the fifth annual San Saba Mountain Man Camporee on Saturday, April 22, competing in challenges with Troops from San Saba, Abilene, Lampasas, Santa Anna, Kemper and Stephenville.   

The Camporee involved various activities and a race in three connected parks in San Saba. In a press release, Camporee organizers listed the various events.    

“The boys trudged up a creek, under a highway and through a tunnel,” it said. “They canoed in spring-fed Mill Pond Park, built and shot slingshots, panned for gold, silver and copper, built a Scout Law Bridge, started fires with flint and steel and performed an orienteering challenge.”   

The participating Troops had a potluck dinner that evening to celebrate the day.   

The release went on to detail some of the Camporee results. Lampasas’s Crew 300 successfully started a fire with flint and steel in under 16 minutes. In the gold, silver and copper panning challenge, Brownwood’s Troop 14 was the only one to find gold.   

Two Patrols from Troop 14 took first and second place in the panning challenge.   

The release explained that the panning challenge was created by filling a canoe with about five inches of dirt and sand, then seven inches of water. The canoe was then stocked with small quantities of gold and silver BBs and coins. Trenton Peach was the Brownwood Scout who discovered gold.   

“A natural panner for sure,” the release said of Peach. “Quite an accomplishment.”   

The release thanked all the volunteers who worked to make the Camporee a successful event. “James and Juliet LeMond provided all of the home-made awards and plaques for each of the events,” it said. “Juliet, along with Lauren Pulley from Brownwood, ran [the panning challenge] this year.”   

The release also thanked San Saba’s Randall Hawkins for assisting with the Scout Law Bridge and Cisco’s George Niebling for his help with the Dutch oven contest. Brownwood’s Lance Anderson served as the camp coordinator for the fifth straight year.   

“It was Lance [Anderson] and James [LeMond] that hatched the idea for this event five years ago, and with the help of Juliet LeMond and Lauren Pulley came up with all the many challenges for the Scouts,” the release said. It said some of the challenges, like the panning challenge, are not believed to exist anywhere else.