Voters in Early and Bangs re-elected the incumbent mayors to new terms Saturday, and incumbent council members in both communities also retained their seats.
    In Early, Bob Mangrum finished first in a three-way race, defeating challengers Sean Fulton and Frankie Wilder for a seventh term with no need for a runoff.
    Incumbent Early councilman Joel Johnson was re-elected, and political newcomer Travis Eoff will also join the Early council.
    In Bangs, Mayor Eric Bishop defeated challenger Carrol Wells, and incumbent councilman Waymond Sheppard defeated challenger Danny Marney.
    In the Blanket school board race for Place 1, Steve Schulze defeated Angela Dozier. In Place 2, Mary Wilson defeated Janice Kinkade.
    According to unofficial results from the the Brown County Elections Office:
City of Early    
    • Mayor’s race — Mangrum received 130 votes (57.3 percent), Fulton received 79 votes (34.8 percent) and Wilder received 18 votes (7.9 percent).
    “I would like to thank the citizens of Early for giving me the opportunity to serve as mayor for another two years,” Mangrum said. “I hoped that would be the outcome, but anything is possible in politics.”
    • Council race — Eoff received 144 votes (37.2 percent), Johnson received 117 votes (30.2 percent), Amy Beam received 98 votes (25.3 percent) and Noah Williams received 28 votes (7.2 percent).
    “I really appreciate everybody voting for me,” Eoff said. “I’ll do my best to hold up my end of the deal.” Eoff said his goals as councilman include trying to bring more businesses to Early and “making it as good a place to live as we can.”
City of Bangs
    • Mayor’s race — Bishop received 85 votes (55.5 percent) and Wells, who has previously served as mayor, received 68 votes (44.4 percent).
    Bishop said he thinks his victory means people are satisfied with the direction the city is going. “It means my vision be being honest with people, telling the truth and focusing on the health and safety of our citizens is what people are focusing on,” Bishop said.
    “I’m tickled to death. When it came down to the wire, Carrol Wells wasn’t going to be mayor without a fight, and I gave her a fight.”
    • Council race — Sheppard received 83 votes (51.5 percent) and Marney received 78 votes (48.4 percent). Marisa Craddock was unopposed in the race for an unexpired term.
Blanket school board
    Place 1 race — Schulze received 146 votes (57.9 percent) and Dozier received 106 votes (42 percent).
    Place 2 race — Wilson received 134 votes (53.8 percent) and Kinkade received 115 votes (46.1 percent).