Cross Classical Academy presents “101 Dalmatian Kids” in two upcoming performances.

Show times are 5 p.m. Saturday, May 20 and 5 p.m. Sunday May 21 at the Union Presbyterian Church chapel, located at 700 Fisk Avenue in Brownwood. The show is free to the public.

The exciting story plot takes place in London and features the familiar Disney villain, Cruella De Vil, played by Abby Diaz.

Cruella and her side kicks, Horace and Jasper, played by Jax Manigan and Harrison Davis, work to “dognap” all the dalmatian puppies from the city. The dogs of London come to the rescue of the dalmatians under the leadership of a mangy old cat named Sergeant Tibbits, played by Peyton Mitchell.

The cast invites you to come and join them in this fast paced musical which is sure to make you smile. “The 101 Dalmatian Kids” performance is directed by Jennifer Reeves and Aaron Terry.

The “101 Dalmatian Kids” cast members include Ethan Harrell, Piper Tammany, Liam Terry, Isla Ness, Scarlet Rico, Maddox Butka, Isabel Chavanne, Noelle Wood, Erin Graf, Kourtlyn Hamilton, Sophia Harrell Addison Marshall, Peyton Mitchell, Sabina Perez, Braylee Reeves, Holten Hubbard, Caylee Cox, Quinn Tammany, John Ness, Sarah Taylor, Hannah Terry, Abigail Rico, Cooper Cox, Isaiah Marshall, Milo Managan, Raylee Wood, Sophie Chavanne, Kaci Graf, Tyley Simmons, Sarah Mitchell, Liz Minzenmayer, Jhenna Stegemoller, Brady Terry, Abby Diaz, Matt Minzenmayer, Sarah Viss, Bentley Hubbard, Jordan Simmons, Sofia Butka, Brooklyn Butka, Alecsandra Butka, Tyler Mitchell, Lilia Managan, Hannah Davis, Harrison Davis, Jax Managan, Jessie Rayburn, and Tressie Rayburn.