Two men remained jailed Monday on a total of 16 charges between them including burglary and the theft of precious metals after a deputy was dispatched Saturday afternoon to check on an abandoned vehicle.
    Jason Goains II, 30, of Comanche, was booked into the Brown County Jail on charges of criminal mischief, theft of precious metal, two charges of burglary of a building, criminal trespass, unlawful use of a criminal instrument and possession of a controlled substance, jail records state.
    Cory Walker, 30, of Weatherford, was booked on the same charges plus an additional charge of criminal trespass and possession of marijuana.
    According to a report by deputy Kaleb Hopson:
    Hopson responded to East Highway 377 and Pitts Lane, where he checked on an unlocked  2014 Mazda car that appeared abandoned. The car had property in the back seat.
    Hopson opened a door to look for contact information and saw methamphetamine shards in the driver’s seat. Hopson found a phone number for Walker and called him. Walker said he was in a nearby creek and headed for the car. Walker arrived and consented to a search, and Hopson found marijuana in one of his pockets.
    Walker said his friend Goains was in the creek with him. Walker said he had driven to Comanche to pick up Goains.
    Hopson saw Goains talking across a fence line, and the property owner said he wanted to pursue trespassing charges. Hopson arrested the two and took them to jail.
    Hopson returned to the area with deputy Taylor Fletcher and Department of Public Safety trooper Michael Sams, and the three found backpacks with tools and lighting accessories hidden in a tree. The officers took the backpacks to the jail, where Walker said he and Goains had hidden then in the trees.
    Walker also said the tools were used as criminal instruments and said he and Goains were stealing copper from the nearby railroad and stashing it in the creek, and planning to sell it later, Hopson’s report states.
    Walker also told Hopson he and Goains had been burglarizing two tool sheds the day before when Sams and Hopson scared them away. Walker said they left the sheds and walked across County Road 358, cut two fences and trespassed onto property, where they met the officers at Blanket Creek.
    Property owners were the fences were cut said they owned 27 cows and 19 cows on the property. The officers learned several bundles of wire, copper and aluminum had been taken from the sheds.