EARLY — Police used social media to find the family of an approximately 2-year-old boy who was seen sitting alone Wednesday night at the Early City Park.
    The boy, who is unharmed, had left his grandparents’ home several hundred yards from the park and gotten there on his own, Early police said.
    Police and Child Protective Services are investigating, and police will present a case to the district attorney’s office “for any decision about the outcome of those involved,” police said via email.
    According to Early police:
    Around 8:45 p.m., a man and his family who were at the park playing baseball games were the last to leave. All of the lights were out except the security light. The family walked out past the playground area and the man caught a glimpse of a small child sitting in the playground.
    The man and his wife searched the area to see if anyone else remained at the park, but they saw no one. The man contacted police, and officers took the child to the police department and notified CPS. Police posted a photo of the boy on the police department’s Facebook page, hoping someone might know the child or his family would see the photo. Police posted a message that officers were “investigating a lost child. If  you know this child, please call the police department.”
    Family members responded about an hour later.
    Police learned the child is assigned to live with his  grandparents because his parents do not have custody. The boy’s grandmother was at work while the grandfather watched the child.
     “The child apparently got up from a nap and walked out of the house and to the park on his own,” police said via email.
    CPS placed the child with another relative, police said.