Becky Caffey’s duties and titles have since she began a career in corrections as a Comanche County jailer in 1989.
    Caffey, who began working as the Brown County Jail administrator 11 years ago, recently acquired a different title under Sheriff Vance Hill’s administration — chief deputy of corrections. It’s a new position under Hill, and former jail Lt. Les Karnes has Caffey’s old job of jail administrator, which carries a captain’s rank.
    Caffey has another new title: she was elected May 18 to the Texas Jail Association’s board of directors.
    Caffey was initially appointed to an open seat last year and decided to run when the seat was open for election. Caffey was among five candidates competing for two open seats.
    The jail association provides training and assistance to county jails, and the Brown County Jail is receiving specialized training because of Caffey’s position, Hill and Caffey said.
    “Caffey said she ran for the seat because “it’s a good organization and they do a lot of good things. I’ve been a member for a long time and I thought it was time that I did my part to help.
    Hill said he’s proud of Caffey. “She’s great at doing her job and she’ll do a great job for the Texas Jail Association,” Hill said.