The Brownwood Fire Department performed a high-water rescue on Saturday morning after a Chevy Tahoe got stuck in floodwaters on Brady Ave. near Brownwood Intermediate School and the Austin Ave. overpass.   

The driver, a middle-aged woman who was the vehicle’s only occupant, drove around a barricade before her SUV stalled in the high waters. After a particularly heavy hour of rain, the floodwaters reached nearly to the vehicle’s windows.   

Wearing a life vest and a rope secured to a nearby fire truck, one firefighter pulled the trapped driver through the passenger window and carried her to safety on the other side of the flooded road.   

Brownwood fire chief Eddy Wood arrived on scene after the extraction. He said his department had practiced floodwater rescues just last week. “We were in the river practicing just for this,” Wood said. “Obviously that was running a little bit more than what we had today, but it’s really easy for this water here, when we put barricades up, to get moving too swift where a car can’t go through it.”   

He encouraged all residents to be safe during flash floods. “Most of it is situational awareness,” he said. “We will broadcast on social media, and the weather service does as well. We try to put out barricades, but it’s best not to drive through any moving water at all. Turn around, don’t drown.”