RANGER – Over the past seven years, Ranger College has provided support to its on-campus students through the Student Support Services program (SSS). Having experienced much success helping current college students, Ranger has now been selected by the US Department of Education to help at-risk high school students in Eastland and Brown counties.

Ranger will assist students from Eastland, Early, May and Ranger high schools through the Upward Bound Program. The Upward Bound Program is one of eight Federal TRIO programs designed to help students achieve a college education. Students who are eligible for the Upward Bound program are those who want to attend college but come from low-income backgrounds or who are potential first-generation college students.

A total number of 60 students will be selected for this program:

Eastland – 19

Early – 19

Ranger – 12

May – 10

The students will receive funding to pay for tutoring, standardized test prep, paying for pre-college expenses as well as being able to accompany the Ranger College SSS program when they visit four-year schools and take trips to promote participation in cultural activities.

Assistance will also be offered to participating high schools. Ranger will provide stipends for teachers to teach during the summer, workshops to help better develop academic skills and better understand the financial aid process, and will contribute additional resources to help high school counselors be more effective by lessening their workload.

The overall goal is to not only help the individual students but to promote a better living environment for areas where less than a quarter of the population has a Bachelor’s Degree and where the high school dropout rate ranges from 20-to-40 percent.

The program will run year around with monthly events during the summer. Once the student has graduated from high school if he or she chooses to attend Ranger College, that student will be welcomed in the SSS right away. The Student Support Services program helped 37 students earn their Associate’s Degree in the spring of 2017.