Brownwood and Austin police worked together Friday night to determine the real identity of a man who was arrested in Brownwood last week on multiple charges, Assistant Police Chief James Fuller said Tuesday.
    Chad Gilligan of Austin had a driver’s license that belonged to a man named Michael Tabler, an Austin resident who was the victim of identity theft. The man who was arrested in Brownwood — later identified as Gilligan — had transposed a photo of himself onto Tabler’s driver’s license, Fuller said.
    Police had no reason to think the man was anyone other than Tabler when officers arrested him last Wednesday night at a Brownwood hotel on narcotics, child endangerment and fraudulent use or possession of identifying material charges, Fuller said.
    Fuller explained the chronology of the bizarre mixup.
    Brownwood officers were dispatched the night of June 7 to the hotel in connection with the search for a missing 14-year-old boy. Officers found the boy and the man who had Tabler’s identity, who was in Brownwood in a rental car. Officers recovered narcotics, a prescription bottle with the name of another person and several Texas identification cards and credit cards.
    In addition to arresting the man with Tabler’s identity, officers also arrested the boy on a narcotics charge. The man with Tabler’s identity bonded out of jail, and the boy was released to juvenile probation authorities.
    Friday night, police learned the boy was once again with the man believed to be Tabler. Brownwood police contacted Austin police and asked them to try to locate Tabler at his Austin home.
    Police located Tabler — the real Tabler — and learned he’d never been arrested and never been in Brownwood. After exchanging information with Brownwood police, Austin police located the car that had been in Brownwood in the fake Tabler’s possession. Police arrested the fake Tabler, identified as Gilligan, who was with the Brownwood boy.
    The boy has been returned to Brownwood and is at the Brown County juvenile detention center, Fuller said.