EARLY — Police obtained arrest warrants Wednesday for two people in connection with vandalism that occurred the night of June 4-5 in Early.
    Matthew Allen Keefe, 22, of Brownwood, and Jesse Rodriguez, 22, of Abilene, were expected to turn themselves in later Wednesday, Early police said via email. The warrants are for burglary of a building (with intent to commit criminal mischief) and graffiti over $2,500 under $30,000, police said.
    According to the email:
    Police were notified Monday of two possible suspects in the vandalism, in which several mobile homes in Northland Drive mobile home park and several vehicles were spray-painted. Additionally, a screen at the Regal Movie Theater at the Heartland Mall was spray-painted.
    A caller contacted a Brown County Sheriff’s deputy, who forwarded the information to Early detective Brandon McMillian.
    McMillian located the two people who were named as possible suspects and questioned them. McMillian “was  able to obtain a confession from both,” police said in the email.
     Keefe and Rodriguez said they’d been drinking and went around town looking for some things to “tag,” or spray-paint, in the middle of the night.
    The two went to the mobile home park spray-painted the mobile homes and vehicles, police said. The two then drove around to the mall, walked around and found an unlocked door.
    The two entered the theaters and and spray-painted lines across one of the movie screens, police said.