It’s not likely the Bulletin’s Derrick Stuckly would describe himself as a Swiss Army knife or a gem.
    But those were the terms GateHouse Media used in naming Stuckly as the Gatehouse Sports Writer of the Year for 2016 for newspapers in the Bulletin’s circulation division.
    Stuckly, who has been with the Bulletin since 2004, holds two titles with the newspaper: editor and sports editor.
    “Derrick Stuckly is the Swiss Army knife of the Brownwood Bulletin,” Gatehouse wrote in its praise of Stuckly. “He switches from sport to sport, often daily, with apparent ease and expertise. He’s a gem.”
    Bulletin publisher Clarice Touhey said the Bulletin staff is proud of Stuckly. Stuckly’s award is “well earned and well deserved,” Touhey said “I couldn’t be prouder.”
    Bulletin staffer Steve Nash said Stuckly can do any job in the newsroom and do it very well. “He gets a phenomenal amount of work done and makes it look easy, but I assure you it is not easy at all,” Nash said.
    Stuckly grew up in Hubbard, which is between Waco and Hillsboro, and graduated from the University of Texas.